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A movie “Repo man” is a second Alex Cox’ full feature film, whose first movie has an inelaborate name “Sleep is for Sissies”, tells the story of Otto Maddox, who is played by Emilio Estevez, a young punk rocker living in Los Angeles and his adventures.



Before watching the movie I heard that “Repo man” is one of the best movies of 1984 and considered to be a cult film, which made me really excited about watching this movie. Unfortunately, after watching “Repo man” I never asked myself: “Why I never watched it before!”

“Repo man” is a movie about punks in 80’s shot on a small budget, which has tons of inside jokes relating to many political and social problems of that time, has minimalist atmosphere and symbolism in it.
The opening credits with inflammatory song, which is performed by one of the most popular singers of punk culture, make you more and more excited about the movie, brings the mood of joy and nostalgia of 80’s.
While watching “Repo man” you always ask yourself “what is it about?” trying to find the main message or, at least, the meaning of what is happening on the screen. The longer you think about all those things, the more you don’t want to continue watching this movie. The faster you resign yourself that ”Repo man” is just a movie, which is best to watch while eating Pop Corn and drinking Coca-Cola or beer the better, a movie which you forget about right after its over, asking ”What time is it?”.
The first half of the movie is quite entertaining: charismatic punk Emilio Estevez, philosopher Harry Dean Stanton, hobo Tracey Walter and scientist Fox Harris play stereotypic characters, but, probably, not so stereotypic at that time, which is really fun. But when we get to the second half, the movie turns into farce, which you want to finish watching as fast as possible, starts being very boring, the story looses its logical thread and even the main characters are not so significant anymore. The ending is kind of funny and controversial at the same time, which arouses a lot of simple questions about the story and about what is happening on the screen!
“Repo man” is trying to be stylish, charismatic and enthusiastic. Criminal L.A. of 80’s combined with stylish cars, punk culture and even aliens!


Would I like this movie if I watched it back in 1984th hard to say! As for now, “Repo man” is a movie with broken continuity, thousands of jokes, only few of which are funny, a movie which is only pretending to be cult. I have been thinking to myself why this movie is considered to be a cult film, cult for whom, for punks in 80’s who were smoking weed or sniffing coke, drinking beer and laughing like crazy, only because they are high or drunk, or maybe both at the same time and who didn’t want to think about anything. Maybe that is why all of the repo agency employees, except the security guard, are named for North American lager beer brands! And all foodstuffs and beverages are decorated with a stark white label and plain blue text describing the contents! If so, why would this movie be concerned about some political and social problems! Or maybe its cult, because it brought popularity to car fresheners, but obviously its not enough in order to become a cult film. “Repo man” hardly deserves your attention, instead of this watch marvelous “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” by Steven Spielberg, or amazing “Ghostbusters” by Ivan Reitman, which were released in 1984 and, which are far more cult then “Repo man”.



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