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«Our sun is dying, mankind faces extinction. Seven years ago the icarus project sent a mission to restart the sun, but that mission was lost, besore it reached the star. Sixteen months ago I, Robert Capa, and a crew of seven left Earth, frozen in a solen winter. Our payload, a stiller bomb, with a mass equivalent to Manhattan island. Our purpose is to create a star within a star… Eight austronauts strapped in the back of the bomb, my bobm, welcome to Icarus 2…» – says Robert Capa. That is how Sunshine starts.


From the beginning of the movie you feel something inside, something epic. Doctor Searl is sitting in an observation room, he is looking at the Sun through the special screen, which protects his eye retina from being completely burnt. It is really bright in the room, the voice says: «at this distance of 36.000.000 miles you are observing the Sun at 2% of full brightness. Can you show me 4% – asks Searl. 4% will result in irreversibly damage to your retinas – says the board computer. «Oh my God», you think, the Earth is so far from the Sun, it is so bright and burns everything on enormosly far distance. We don’t know much about the Sun, it is something sacred, a large source of light, which Light gives life and warmth to our planet. In a movie «Sunshine», directed by Danny Boyle, who is, in my opinion, one of the best directors nowadays, the director who brought «Shallow Grave»,«Trainspotting», «28 days later», «The Beach» and his recent movie «127 hours», genius who mediates on incredibly interesting phylosophical and life topics takes us on a jorney beyond imagination in a 2007 movie «SUNSHINE». Sunshine is a movie about 8 heroes austronauts who is on their mission to restart the dying Sun with the nuclear Bobm, which is equivalent to Manhattan island. 8 heroes:

–       Physicist, Robert Capa

–       Physiatrist, Searl

–       Captain, kaneda

–       Communications Officer, Harvey

–       Navigator, Trey

–       Engineer, Mace

–       Flight Officer, Cassie

–       Doctor, Corazon

8 heroes with different personalities, but united with one purpose to save the mankind from the extinction. Who are flying towards the Sun to restart it. The story of the dying Sun makes this story unique, Intriguing and enormosly interesting. «Sunshine» absorbs you entirly from the very beginning to the very end when you see the final credits. All of the 8 astronauts are having a diner, while Trey, Communications Officer tells them that soon they are Going to reach the dead zone and it is the last Opportunity to send a message home, because once they fly Over the dead zone the ship will lose communication with Earth. Robert Capa, is the first to send the message, he knows that this is the only one opportunity in two years! to send the message to his family. He stays calm and gives very important piece of information:
“Just remember, it takes 8 minutes for light to travel from Sun to Earth, which means you’ll know if we succeeded about 8 minutes after we deliver the payload, all you have to do is look out for little extra-brightness in the sky, so if you wake up in morning and it’s particularly beautiful day, you’ll know we made it, ok, I’m signing out, I’ll see you in a couple years” – he breathes heavily, as he knows that he will see his family only in 2 years and that it is a great responsibility to deliver the payload. Corazon enters the observation room where Captain Kaneda is in the observation room, he is curious about what searl told them: “darkness is an absences, it is a vacuum, but light is becomes you”. She shows him the  oxygen report, which says that they have enough oxygen to go to the Sun and a quarter way back. Captain starts thinking about Icarus I, which mysteriously disappeared 16 month ago. Corazon states that the ozygen was not the reason why Icarus I didn’t make it… It arouses the audience’s curiosity and makes it think about what could happen with Icarus I in the space on the distance of many million kilometers from the Earth and, which is more important, from their purpose The Sun. Meanwhile, Mace and Capa are fighting, because Mace thinks that Capa with his long message prevented him from sending his message to home. After a while Mace, sitting in Searl’s office says that it has been very hard to remain calm and it is really easy to lose track in 16 month being on the ship. Icarus II is getting closer to the Mercury, the whole Team is watching it rotating around the Sun, incredibly beautiful score by John Merphy helps the audience to enjoy this truly amazing view.

Harvey hears strange noises coming through the speakers from outer space, he realizes what this is, Icarus I. During the meeting Captain Kaneda asks Capa to decide if it is necessary to go to the Icarus 2, as it has the second payload, which increases their chances to restart the Sun. It is really hard for him to make the decision, as Capa is a physicist, who used to make decisions based on the concrete evidences, but the board computer cannot calculate what will happen with the payload when it reaches the Sun. Based on the logic Capa decides to go and pick up the second payload and, at the same time, check if anyone from the crew is still alive. Capa is having a dream where he, without a space suit, is in a free wall getting closer to the Sun’s surface. The spaceship alarm goes on, navigator, Trey, says that he made a mistake in calculating the course, therefore some of the protective shield-plates are damaged and if somebody doesn’t leave the ship in order to fix them the whole ship is going to burn. Mace, who didn’t like the whole idea of re-calculating the course and who does not have sympathy towards Capa and who thinks that the whole idea was Capa’s fault insists that Capa is the one who should go out into the space and fix the shield-plates. Kaneda and Capa leave the ship in order to fix the plates, the sunlight Reaches the plates sooner then they thought and Kaneda Perishes after he fixes the last broken plate. Right before Kaneda dies, Searl asks him: “Kaneda, what do you see?” He has been spending hours in the observation room observing the Sun, but he has never seen it with the naked eye.  Nobody can see the Sun and not die on a such close distance. The Sun is sacred. Searl wants to know what the Sun looks like right before Kaneda dies. The crew is in big troubles as the sunlight burns all the plants in the oxygen room. Trey feels guilt for what has happened. And now, even Mace does not deny the fact that the only option in this situation is to proceed to the Icarus I. Later Capa shows Cassie amazingly beautiful process of creating a star within a star, when she asks him if he is scared, which he absolutely denies claiming that what they are going to do is going to be extremely beautiful and answers: “No”. Total darkness, dust in the air, “no, it’s human skin” – says Searl, when 3 members of the crew go on board of Icarus I. something strange is going on, the whole system is Working extremely well, the oxygen is more than enough.

They hear a message from a captain of Icarus I Pintbaker, previously perished Kaneda was watching a video where Captain Pintbaker admires The asteroid rain, but this time Pintbaker, whose skin is extremely burnt, is raving, saying that they abundant their Mission, that all their hopes are foolish and it is worthless to go against the God. They find the crew of Icarus I, all of them were burnt to death. Something happens and the docking compartment(Airlock) is Destroyed. After a truly amazing scene, Searl sacrifices himself in order to safe Capa, Mace is showing amazing heroism, Harvey dies while they are trying to go back to Icarus II. Capa saves Mace’s life and they are back on the Icarus II. Unable to control Icarus I, the rest of the crew decide to kill Trey, but finds him dead as he committed the suicide, feeling guilty for what happened. Next following one of the most amazing and creepiest scenes in the sci-fi movies. Capa is sitting in the payload compartment, absolutely sure that there is enough oxygen to go to the Sun. When the board computer tells him that he and the rest of the crew are dying, Capa is frustrated as the board computer told them earlier that there is enough oxygen to go to the Sun and deliver the Payload if there are 4 crew members, as now. “There are only 4 crew members!” – says Capa. “Affirmative, 5 crew members!” – says the board computer. “Where is the 5th crew member” – asks Capa. “Unknown” – answers the computer. The audience realizes that something or something has gotten through the airlock right before it was destroyed.



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